Literary Roadhouse: Podcast Micro Network

Let's get this out of the way: I have not blogged in over a year. I am bad at blogging.*

Good news: Literary Roadhouse is better at podcasting than I am at blogging.

Just shy of a year ago Literary Roadhouse started publishing weekly discussions of literary short stories. Today, LRH has expanded into a micro network with three shows.

  1. The original, the grandpappy (at only a year old), Literary Roadhouse: One Short Story Once a Week.
  2. Literary Roadhouse Book Club, a monthly discussion of full-length novels. Listen on February 5th to hear Maya Goode (@quotidianlight), Gerald Hornsby (@AuthorGerald), guest host Roz Morris (@Roz_Morris), and me discuss Lauren Groff's Fates and Furies.
  3. The Bradbury Challenge, where Maya, Gerald, and Crissy Moss (@crissymoss) attempt to write a new short story every week, then share their experience with you.

And keep your eyes peeled for a fourth show coming soon in 2016.

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Honolulu calls.

For more information about the Literary Roadhouse micro network visit

*among other things, like tweeting. read my non-tweets and bad-tweets @anaisconce