Stage Fright: Getting Over My Fear of Letting Others Read My Writing

One of my New Year's resolutions is to get over my fear of putting my writing out there. Another is to be more active on social media, so here I am blogging. One of these resolutions is much, much easier than the other.

This fear of exposure via writing is not unique to me. Among writers it may be the second most basic of writer problems, coming in second place to "make writing your job" (which will definitely be my resolution in 2017, cross my heart and hope to die [before 2017]).

So I have decided to use social media to keep me honest on the harder resolution: to expose my writing. Thankfully, The Bradbury Challenge podcast over at Literary Roadhouse can help me without knowing they're helping me (unless they read this; hi, guys!). During the month of February I will write a new short story every week with them, and track my progress on here and Twitter. In March, I will spend one week revising each story and then publish the four stories every Tuesday. You can keep me honest.

Though my honesty has limits. I'm writing four stories and there are five Tuesdays in March. You'll notice I have a built-in cheat system. Real talk: I can only work on my flaws four out of five weeks at a time.

I would be very excited if other writers took this challenge with me. You can cheat for one week too!