What is The Fair World?

A working title for my novel; and the nickname given to a massive super power in our near future (if our future decides to mimic my alternate universe.) It may not be the novel's final title, but for now this is the name the project has possessed in my head.

I started writing The Fair World in September 2014. Before attempting this project, I always assumed that when the time came to write a novel, I would write magical realism. Then I started writing, and I found myself speculating into the near future. It wasn't very magical, but I loved it just the same. I started with setting. Before characters, I had new forms of government, new borders, but not much of a story. A slow start to my novel. I do not recommend this process!

Eventually I did find characters, and a plot too, of course.  After all, character is plot; plot is character. I started outlining and plotting scenes. I drafted my first few chapters, and several late scenes. But as I wrote, I realized that much of my political prewriting, that original setting, would barely surface in my story. I hit Hemingway's iceberg.

Plot will only employ the ideas that help tell its story. Plots can be fickle like that. But I want to tell stories that cover more of my world than my novel can. In the novel, a young journalist, native to The Fair World hegemony, is sent on assignment beyond its borders to a floating city with questionable political ideals and plenty of enemies. I'll write more on the novel in future posts. But what of those left behind? What of the retired? Or the laborers? Nurses, politicians, prisoners, drug addicts, teenagers, city planners, soap opera stars, and dog show enthusiasts?

I created this blog to tell those stories, set in the same universe as The Fair World, but hidden from the novel's narrative. I hope you enjoy them as much as I love telling them.