About the Editor

Anais is a freelance editor, aspiring writer, and literary podcaster. She has experience editing both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, and sees herself as a partner in the author's growth as a writer. Since 2010 she has been living in Costa Rica with her partner and their two cats.

Editorial Services

I embrace all genres of fiction, and am especially keen on science fiction, fantasy, young adult, and thrillers. I also edit non-fiction.

Developmental Editing

The diagnostic, macro view of the manuscript. This service analyzes plot, character, pacing, the communication of theme, point of view effectiveness, and other key aspects of the novel. I write an edit letter that details what works and what doesn't work, and why, and mark up the manuscript with comments on specific passages and suggestions for the author's consideration.  This type of editing should not be the first revision of a manuscript. It is for the author who has revised their novel, shared it with friends and families, revised it again, and is now looking for a competitive edge.

Estimated Price*: $30 per hour at an estimated pace of 4 pages per hour; can negotiate cents-per-word rate depending on quality of manuscript

*Price for developmental editing can vary widely as some manuscripts may need more or less intervention. For best price, send a sample so I can estimate my pace and adjust accordingly.

Copy Edit

The prose probe. This services perfects spelling, grammar, word usage, comprehension, and transitions, and fact checks where applicable. This type of editing is ideal for authors who are confident in their manuscript's narrative arc and pacing, but need help cleaning up the language. The copy-edit step is especially useful for authors looking to self-publish.

Price: $30 per hour at an estimated pace of 8 pages per hour; can negotiate cents-per-word rate depending on quality of manuscript

Beta Reading

A detailed critique of your manuscript for a low fee. Instead of offering suggestions on how to improve your novel, I read the manuscript and give you feedback as a savvy reader, specifying where I stumbled and why, plot issues and character reception, etc. This service is ideal for authors with a low-budget who are confident they can figure out solutions to problems once the problems are identified.

Price: 2 cents per word ($0.02), with a $100 minimum flat fee. If the author wishes to then hire me as an editor, I discount the beta reading fee from the editing fee.

Genres I like and read for fun: sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers