novelist. editor. podcaster.

So serious about writing, I quit a paying job to do it.

I am currently working on my first novel while co-managing Literary Roadhouse podcast network and helping other writers polish their work. You can track my progress and take a sneak peek into what I am up to by following my blog and subscribing to my newsletter.

In 2014 I quit a full-time job to pursue writing, podcasting, and literature-focused pursuits. My interest in writing began at the age of 9 when I experimented with cartoon-based fanfiction (Sailor Moon, I confess.) I quickly moved on to original characters, then to embarrassing short stories for an audience of none, and finally to writing like an adult - in secret and well into adulthood.

I am from West New York, NJ. I live in Costa Rica with two cats and an Englishman. I often fantasize about leading a life as a professional acrobat. I have no acrobatic talent.